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February 22, 2008



Hey stranger,
Your message brought tears to my eyes as my little guy has been sick as well . . . mostly just feverish, coughing, and out of it, but he did throw up Friday night when I wasn't home. Dad was there to clean it up! It took about 3 days but he is pretty much back to normal and he is almost sleeping all night without needing Mommy. Now if I can just get that little girl to remember she can sleep through the night without needing a pacifier "re-plug."

I still enjoy your blog so much and am praying for you as you asked.
Much love,

Cindy B

We have all been there! The stomach thing is really bad this year. Thankfully so far we have been spared (probably just jinxed myself). It is harder on adults and the worst diet ever. When my girls are sick I too think of those families who suffer with a very sick child and wonder how they do it day in and day out. We are blessed to have healthy children and our own health. May spring come soon so these winter bugs will be gone! Get well and praying for you.

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