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December 12, 2007



Sisters are great friends! But it is nice to have someone locally that you can see in the flesh. I totally understand your joy. My best buddy is currently on her way driving from West Virginia to Washington State to be nearer to us once again. I am very excited!


For those of you who don't know, I am an English teacher. Correcting people's writing is like breathing for me, so here I go again...

The "I have a sissy" song was not composed when we were as young as Athena suggested. We were in college (I must have been 20 or so.) and Athena started making up the song during a car trip. It is beyond silly.

One memorable verse goes "I have a sissy. Her name is sissy. She love to go play tennis. I have a sissy. Her name is sissy. She's never been to Ennis."
Another show-stopper was "I have a sissy. Her name is sissy. She's riding in this car. I have a sissy. Her name is sissy. She can't get in a bar." The tune is so basic.

Cindy B

Your earlier post hit close to home this week. We were without power here in OK for two days. It was wonderful to have some friends weve known since college who allowed us to invite ourselves into their spare room for the night. Our kids played together and we had a pancake breakfast. This couple has been in our lives for a long time but we dont see each other often because our kids are at different stages (they have a teenager--we have a baby) and we dont attend the same church. However, when we are together it is just like the good old days we laugh and act like we are 20 something. It is rare that friends turn into family. In our case it took an ice storm to remind us that what matters most are those that love you and are willing to invite you home.


Just wanted to drop by and wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Merry Christmas to you and your family!


I remember when we used to hang out and cook and play dominoes and watch movies. That was way before kids. What happened?? Missing you. Hope you guys had a very merry Christmas.

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