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April 19, 2007



Big hugs to you! I still have both of my parents, my mom comes over - more to interact with me, she doesn't really know how to relate to children and my dad never comes over - basically has no relationship with his grandchildren. So Sad! I had such a wonderful relationship with my grandparents and spent much time with them! My grandma is still living and we try to get over to see her as much as we can. She is 93.


I was in the blue fog all day Thursday and Friday and didn't realize why until 5th period on Friday.

Jeff Zabriskie

I've been itching to spark some friendly discussion, so here goes. . .

I believe the blue fog is caused by too many liberal ideas in one's head. It's knowing deep down that liberalism and big government are not long-term solutions to the problems we face; that there has to be another answer. That answer is conservatism!


Oh Jeff, Please everyone forgive my dear cousin's husband. He is just so blinded by his conservative blinders that he is blind to the truth!! We love you Jeff, inspite of yourself!!


Sorry about that - I have lost all control! I was very excited to read about your precious neighbor! God is so good! Love you! -a

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