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January 15, 2007



That's great! They turned a story into an all-out game!


That's wonderful! I love it when it all comes together.

Just as your page was opening DS was standing here and saw the first picture and said, "Hey look, they have our entertainment center!" You do. You've got great taste!! :o)


OOOooo! This looks like a blast! Toddlers and total annihilation go hand in hand, but I hope that won't discourage them from staging more great battles!

Delight in learning is so important.


Our Playmobil guys have been lots of different characters, too - but mostly the Pevensie children.


Wow I love moments like that. I just wish they happened more often at my house.

Hope you had a peaceful day at home.

Miss Roxie

I love it when you write about these things! They bring back such warm memories for me and I can feel what you feel ~ (your sons are great!)

Learning and fun - wow, just how cool is that?

Best to you all,
Miss Roxie


You could have been writing about a typical day at *my* house! :-)

My 9yos began listening in on his big sisters' Year 1 readings when he was 5, and would set up his 'guys' after every single reading. My favourite by far was Vortigern burning in his castle- complete with paper flames taped everywhere. lol

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