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March 20, 2006



I've been down this road many times as well. My friends keep moving on me too! I'm finding that its getting harder and harder the older I get. Several of my friends, who moved, have also expressed how difficult it is to build new relationships.

I really miss a good, kindred spirit friend. (A "bosomest buddy" as Anne Shirley would say) I won't tell you how long its been becuase it will only be depressing.

Good luck to you. I know it can be very lonely at times and well.. the blogosphere (as nice as it is), is just not the same a chat over coffee



I know what you mean. I just told my mom today that I wish I had a good neighbor who just drops by to chat every once in a while.

I have to say DH is my bestest friend and I love our long talks on the phone but would rather have him here.

My mom and sis are next but again they are just long talks on the phone.

I have a few friends here but we don't often see each other. I know I could call them if ever I needed anything but I want that friend that just drops by or calls to chat. It's been YEARS since I've really had that and I miss it too.


Move back to FW, and your best friend will be never be more than 15 minutes away!!


I was thinking the very thing. YOu could stop by on your way home from school for a cuppa and some nephew kisses.


Hey girl...this made me sad. I wish I was there to hang out. I know what you mean....it seems the older we get that friends come and go. I have been lucky to find a good friend from church, but lately we never get to see each other, because our kids are going different directions. It is hard~~~because there are just things your man doesn't understand & only your girl friends do!


I understand what you mean very well. I am blessed with one "bosomest buddy" who lives right across the street (!) but this is after almost a decade of no close friends but Mr. Honey (since I got married). I wish you a best friend so close you two can share a cup of coffee for a few minutes as you wait for your hubbies to get home.

(You know, I think we live close to you. Not in-the-neighborhood close, but maybe less than 30 minutes away, and, if I am correct, we drive your direction every Friday. We should explore this.;o)

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