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August 27, 2007


Jacci M

I've really enjoyed browsing around your site a bit tonight. I'll be back! :)

We're starting Year One of AO in about a month. I was wondering, have you ever seen the traveling group post called The Carnival of Homeschooling? I've been thinking that it would be great to have a Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival! Is that something you might be interested in? It's a great way to share and learn - not to mention get some increased traffic to your site. Host blogs, in particular, get the spotlight. I'll leave a sticky post up on my blog's main page for replies :) Thanks!

Jacci (CM mama of 4)



You are wonderful! What reat goals! Very attainable, with flexibility, and reaching for new heights!!
We had raised eyebrows for years. Now that our kids are almost adults and are so well adjusted, smart and witty without being rude - everyone praises us! LOL! I had someone say, "When I have teenagers, I'm coming to you for advise!" But it begins now. It begins with loving applying Deuteronomy 6:7 right from the get-go! Blessings on your year and you for the love you are puring into these young men of God!!


aaauuuggghhh! I should have checked for typos!! That should say "great goals" and "lovingly applying" and "pouring into"! Sorry!

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