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August 27, 2007


Jacci M

WOW. WOW. And, yet again...



I think she gave the actual answer to the question.

Why can't many Americans find the US on a map?

Because their education is bankrupt.



She redeemed herself somewhat on one of the morning shows. There's a You-Tube on it now. (It's on Joey's site on my blog). Like I told him, though, I just wanted to say "What a STUPID pageant-y question!" I got one like that one time and you have a split second to figure out how you're going to give some sort of answer that doesn't leave you looking like a "dumb blonde". I guess it's a way for them to see how well you think on your feet without telling them it's a STUPID question!


wow. This reminds me of a time years ago...I was working in a bar/restaurant and they hosted a 'cowgirl pageant'. One of the contestants was asked the question, "Can you name an ingredient in beer?" She replied, "uh, bubbles?!"

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